10W VHF or UHF Professional Fm Transceiver TC-WP10W

10W VHF or UHF Professional Fm Transceiver TC-WP10W

Model No.︰TC-WP10W

Brand Name︰HYS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 50 / pc

Minimum Order︰2 pc

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Product Description


◊ 10W/5W/2W Power Switch with Side-key operation

◊ Chinese/English Voice Announcement

◊ Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection 12.5KHz/25KHz

◊ CTCSS&DCS non-standard code

◊ Battery Saver

◊ Low Battery Alert

◊ Check battery capacity by handheld operation and will annouce the capacity in current status

◊ VOX on/off, VOX level setting, VOX delay time setting


◊ Busy Channel Lockout

◊ Scan, Auto scan, Priority Channel Scan, Scan Add, Scan Delete

◊ TX Power Level Adjustment by hand operation

◊ Monitor / Monitor Momentary

◊ Squelch level report, Squelch level adjustment

◊ TOT function

◊ Emergency Alarm

◊ 2 Tone/5 Tone

◊ Remote Kill,Stun,Activate&Revive

◊ Tail Tone Eliminate

◊ Auto Power Off

◊ Wire Clone

◊ PC Software Program


Technical Specifications:



Frequency Range


Channel Capacity

16 group

Frequency Spacing


Working Voltage


battery capacity

2800mAh Polumer Lithium battery 

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature Range

-25 °C to + 55°C 

Antenna Impedance


Dimension (L×W×H)

122 x 60 × 38mm

Weight (including Antenna and Battery)


Transmitter(ETSI EN 300 086 standard testing)

Output power


Modulation Mode

16KΦF3E / 8KΦF3E

Modulation Limited


Audio Distortion


Residual frequency modulation


Adjacent Channel Power




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